Cacao Ceremony Costa Rica

Open your emotional energy and reconnect with your purpose with the help of the “food of the gods” grown in Costa Rica.

Cacao Ceremony Costa Rica

The cacao has a sweet pulp, but its true flavor comes from the seeds. These ones have a bittersweet flavor, and they have been used for millennia to create a beverage that opens the heart chakra and makes emotions flow. Its scientific name is Theobroma, which means food of the gods because it was used in rituals and to honor guests, heroes, or governors. 

What is a Costa Rican Cacao Ceremony

You will join others on a safe circle, where we will drink ground cacao seeds mixed with water, ginger, and honey. We will enhance the effects of the beverage with a guided meditation to create a positive emotional environment.

Some will laugh and some will cry, the group will have enhanced empathy and we will all share all emotions. The cacao effects will dissipate in a few minutes, but the positive impact on your relationship with others and yourself will last several days.

We recommend the cacao ritual to improve the connection of love we all share as Natural beings.

Want to be a part of a cacao ritual?

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