The Importance of Yoga

There is a reason yoga is so popular today; it is no accident. Today’s world has a deep need for connection and meaning because we live in a society that dramatically favors material values and neglects fulfillment and purpose. In addition, many common ailments are healed through yoga, such as recurring back pain, sciatica, stress and anxiety.

The specific benefits that make yoga popular also make it important and worth promoting to all people.

Here are three reasons why we think yoga is important, and we should recommend it more.

Accessible and adaptable sport

Regardless of age or physical condition, you can do an asana practice that will make you feel better. You can adapt your training to the intensity you want and to your specific needs. You will also experience the mental benefits, no matter how easy or difficult the physical practice.

This kind of convenience makes it an attractive exercise for people who are not used to exercising regularly, and it is also an activity that you can learn from home and at a low cost.

There are few barriers to taking advantage of it, making it easy to recommend; this is not so common with other activities. So anyone who needs to improve their physical and mental condition can start doing yoga.

Listening to our body and attending to its needs

Self-analysis is done a lot in yoga since it is the mechanism of continuous improvement that puts us on the path of well-being. Instead of looking outside and comparing ourselves to others to determine how we are doing, we learn to listen to how we feel.

With simple techniques, we learn to detect and resolve discomforts in our bodies and our lives. Yoga makes us aware of our circumstances to the point that we gain clarity of what we must do to feel better.

This knowledge is vital today because people are very distracted from their bodies and give too much attention to reason, undermining intuitive knowledge and preventive health.

Anyone who expresses discomfort of any kind in their life and does not know how to resolve it would greatly benefit from yoga.

Finding a moral compass

It is confusing to decide between good and evil in this modern age. The problems and crossroads we face are not reflected in classical religious ideals, and science has completely shied away from the study of good and evil. This has left capitalism to forge our current morale, and we end up deciding in favor of economic growth and financial stability, even if it costs us health and happiness.

Yoga has the quality that it trains us to understand better what we need and gives us clarity to achieve it. Therefore, it is common for intermediate yoga students to change their lives significantly and start looking for improvements in their environment, not involving anything extreme but adaptable and flexible changes. This is an effect of the spiritual practice of yoga, which teaches us to look inside for the answers and then act outside. 

This method allows you to create a moral compass that adapts to the circumstances, one that does not depend on any dogma, does not allow itself to be carried away by others, and is continuously improving. What the world needs to meet today’s challenges are more people with their own moral compass.

Yoga is a spiritual practice based on self-exploration of the human body and soul; anyone can do it and feel the difference in a short time. Many need its advantages, and it is also one of the social phenomena that can most help improve the society in which we live. 

Please recommend yoga to your friends and family!